Author of The Doc Brady Mystery Series

Reviews of Act of Deception

"Houston-based orthopedic surgeon Bishop stays true to his narrative style in this installment, providing readers with authentic-sounding dialogue and an engaging plot. Along the way, he adds vibrancy to his characterization of Mary Louise so readers can more easily experience the longtime married couple’s bond. However, it’s the breathless concluding courtroom scene that truly steals the show. Another tightly wound medical thriller featuring an intrepid surgeon/detective.”
Kirkus Reviews
"Readers cannot help but love the way Doc Brady’s mind works and how he comes to conclusions and gets things resolved. Readers will be drawn into the story immediately and Bishop will have a firm grasp on your attention until you read the last word…..and he leaves you wanting more!!!"
Cozy Mystery Book Reviews 

"I highly recommend grabbing your copy of Act of Deception and I would also grab Act of Murder as well. I took the time to read these books back to back and I loved it!!”
Missi’s Book Reviews

"There are sufficient medical explanations and terminology to convince the reader of the expertise of the author and between that and the insight into the world of medical insurance and malpractice lawsuits, quite the eye-opener. I liked the way the courtroom scenes unfolded (loved the judge!) and the doctor’s theory advanced into the satisfying conclusion.”
Rosepoint Publishing 

“The character development of Dr. Jim Bob, his wife, and those around him was excellent, and I only saw the plot come together near the end of this mystery – a very satisfying A+/5-star read.”
Men Reading Books

"John Bishop again does a strong job of taking his knowledge of the medical world and using it to create a story that thriller fans will enjoy. I found myself again drawing connections to John Grisham, as I did with the previous book, as I was reading this sequel. If you are looking for a read that will have you thinking then this is a book that you will enjoy.”
The Nerdy Girl Express 

"I loved this fast paced plot – it is unique, well developed and engaging. It kept me on my toes – I wanted and needed to know what would happen next. The ending of this novel was excellent and perfect for the plot. I enjoyed every moment of this well written novel."
Working Mommy Journal

"Superb thriller with Doc Brady facing a malpractice lawsuit and how he wriggles his way out... A tough competitor for Robin Cook.”
Priya Dinakaran, GoodReads

"People of a certain age remember the Perry Mason television series...Act of Deception is something like that...The court scene is very tense, something that both Erle Stanley Gardner and Clint Eastwood would have commended.”
English Plus Language Blog

"John Bishop has mastered the art of the attention-grabbing first chapter in a mystery novel. The first book in the series, Act of Murder, begins with a horrific hit-and-run murder, and now Act of Deception begins with a malpractice lawsuit. The Doc Brady series had two excellent things going for it: it takes place in Houston, another great place to visit in a mystery-reading journey, and it features a kindhearted doctor full of integrity as the sleuth.”
The Cyber Librarian

"I highly recommend Act of Deception by Dr. John Bishop. It was entertaining, fast paced, fresh, and current. In fact, keep up with the series for some great thrills, lots of details, and suspense to keep your attention at every page. You will not be disappointed!”
The Boogieman is My Friend
"I enjoyed reading about the world of medical insurance and malpractice lawsuits and courtroom scenes on this installment of the series. "
Nurse Bookie

"I had a hard time putting this book down. From the moment the main character learns they are being sued, the book was one wild thrill ride.” 
The Good Men Project
"The book is well-written. The medical procedures and the legal proceedings are very interesting and well described...The book is a good medical whodunit.”
Defrosting Cold Cases

"I was immediately hooked by the down-to-earth and likable protagonist and his genuine and loving family.”
Nonstop Reader

“Act of Deception is recommended for readers who appreciate an exciting mystery novel involving down to earth characters and intriguing plots.”
San Antonio Examiner Blog
Act of Deception NetGalley Reviews

"I recommend this book to people who are interested in the world of medical/legal interactions or those who just like a good mystery." 
Richard Butts 

"John Bishop's personal experience as an orthopedic surgeon in Texas for many years imbues the book with depth and authenticity...I loved this book, the second in the series, for its sympathetic characters, rich Houston setting and insight into complicated legal and medical matters.”
Jenny Wheeler